About Parfumarija

Parfumarija is Dublin’s niche perfume shop and home to many rare and special scents. In apothecary chic surroundings, Founder & Creative Director Marija Aslimoska curates a handpicked collection of some of the world’s finest niche perfumes. Whether you would like an olfactory tour or to simply browse, Parfumarija offers a space to indulge your sense of smell and discover new prescriptions in perfume. In this playground of scent, you will encounter rare, imaginative fragrances created by some of the world’s top perfumers pursuing their pure, uncorrupted vision, free from the constraints of the mass marketed mainstream. Parfumarija invites you into the free-spirited and evocative world of niche perfume with an exclusive range of men and women’s fragrances.

Welcome to the home of rare scents. In a world dominated by a converging mainstream, we encourage you to BE RARE and to celebrate your individuality through your choice of perfume.