“This is the one for the special occasions.
So big. So bold. So beautiful.
It can perhaps be only compared to the vastness & beauty of the most magnificent opera house.
Where silly little angle sculptures are smiling at you from the balcony above.
Paintings of religion, miracles & love adorn the walls of the room.
Hundreds of most precious little pieces of glass in the world cover the ceiling and let colours of light play on the faces of that desperate lover in the masterpiece painting underneath.
There is also a big stage, all set for the most emotional play to take place.
Red velvet curtain.
One spray.
And it releases the most beautiful choir of the most melodic Rose, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood who barefoot the stage while the curtain slowly disappears.
Jasmin voice in soprano takes over.

You know you will be going home crying.
And happy.

That is what Gold Woman by Amouage is to me.” – MARIJA


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