“I am only back from a family trip to Sicily and have been blown away by the lifestyle we encountered there. The light, the colours, the sea, the wild cactus growing, the rosemary bushes, the taste of the coffee, the cannoli, the granita, the brioche, the fresh fruit market, the crumbly facades & the lemon trees.
Their love of ceramics, marzipan, volcanos, fluffy white clouds, ancient ruins & history lessons at every corner – there was something almost everywhere to please, or tease the eye.
But one thing above everything that will forever remain in my memory will be their Zagara. The smell of Orange Blossom everywhere – flowers still on the orange tree right next to the ripe fruit.
Its smell almost like a magic spell above the entire island that transports you to a soft dreamy melancholy which makes you wanna stay there forever.

For those that know me, know that whenever I go to new places I like to bring a bottle of something new with me, that will then forever remind me of that particular trip.
And just like that, I had taken with me Oranges & Lemons by James Heeley. Call it serendipity but I now have a perfumed photograph in a bottle of Sicily.

A perfect bottle that transfixes me to Sicily in a moment, all those blossoms right in front of my nose…” – MARIJA


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