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A rose is a horse is a rose

Corpus Equus

A rose is a horse is a rose


Corpus Equus




Leather, Smoke




Woods, Birch

Do you remember those kaleidoscope cardboard tubes we used to play with in our childhood? We were peering through a looking glass and by gently swirling the tube between our hands the coloured crystals inside would slowly change their position into a mesmerising, yantra like shape. Each turn of the fingers would create something different. The combinations were endless and fascinating, you could literally spend hours admiring those intricate, glittery geometries that would almost never repeat themselves. It is no wonder to us now that so many religions believe symmetry is a manifestation of the divine. Naomi Goodsir’s “Corpus Equus” is an olfactory kaleidoscope tube,  the ultimate hypnotic shape-shifter to keep your nose,  and your imagination, entranced for hours.

It takes the talent of a master perfumer like Bertrand Duchaufour to create such magic tricks,  and perhaps at this point you’re wondering which tricks are those we’re gushing about. Bertrand Duchaufour is a wizard which can make flowers smell warm and animal like, and the animal smell like flowers. It’s as if a rose has arms which can embrace you and a heart beating next to yours. Or as if a horse’s lustrous mane is all of a sudden blooming into a thousand resplendent roses. “Corpus Equus” starts with a galloping tumble of floral notes, that seem fresh and dewy at first, as if they were born in the early days of spring. This effect is more apparent when “Corpus Equus” is sprayed rather than dabbed. It takes a while to realise that what you thought were hyacinths and daffodils is actually an armful of roses. The whole flower is plunged in there, leaves, petals, stems and thorns. This floral gallop, sweet breeze whooshing by, slows down into a relaxed, yet heady trot of smoky, smooth and unctuous melange of animalic, leathery and musky notes. What you thought was a rose is in fact the warm, velvety hide of a living creature, its muscular flank, throbbing with the effort of the run, slowly releasing the tension under the caress of loving fingers. The short fur feels silky like the underside of rose petals and the scent rising up from the heated body fills up the air with sensuality and the tempered sweetness of a perfectly balanced Amber note.  The rose becomes apparent again, but rather than grassy and juicy fresh, it is now deep and smouldering, almost blackened with Ash and honeyed with sticky resins. The trail of the scent is warm, powdery and dry, very elegant and smooth but erotically sensual at the same time. It is seductive and hints at wildness but it’s never overwhelmingly unbridled.

A long-lasting, ravishing yet artful second skin to wear for when life feels drab and tasteless.

The spirit of Naomi Goodsir Parfums follows the lineage of traditional, independent perfume houses. Behind the scents is a passionate creator whose vision and atypical style inspire compositions that reflect her unique universe. The perfumes are formulated around classic emblematic raw materials of fine perfumery. They all have a distinct olfactory identity through facets and texture.

Beautiful compositions, noble and elegant. These eau de parfums reflect the madness and fantasy of the designer’s microcosm, creating a secret and personal touch. Attaching as much importance to savoir-faire as to inspiration, Naomi has surrounded herself with talented independent perfumers, including Julien Rasquinet, Bertrand Duchaufour and Isabelle Doyen. Naomi Goodsir Parfums are made and hand packed, on the French Riviera near Grasse, where Naomi lives and works.

Made in France. These unique, contemporary eau de parfum are genderless.


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