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The softest leather

Cuir Velours

The softest leather


Cuir Velours




Rum, Cistus Labdanum





Aah, leather!

This wondrous fabric has clothed us, protected us, enticed us, fascinated us for many centuries. And we have moulded it to fit our needs and dreams, until it ended up taking an infinite number of shapes, colours, textures and purposes. Leather is just as much a part of art as is a part of functional, daily life. Perfumery’s preoccupation with how leather smells like and even with how it feels like, was as inevitable as the sun’s rising every day. And so we have leather fragrances which smell like the well-worn duster coat of a travelling cowboy, the ones which bring us inside a brand new luxury car or the ones which are the identical replica of the leather jacket you used to own when you were young, free and full of hope. And where does Cuir Velours by Naomi Goodsir fit in, you might wonder? In the realm of the softest imaginable leather, that’s where. Leather soft like kittens fur and ostrich feathers, soft like your heart before it knew the kind of world it lives in, leather so very soft, so very tender that it feels like wearing  poetry on your skin. This a delicate in feel but persistent in staying power type of fragrance and it gently travels through various stages. At first you notice delicious, powdery sweetness, which feels simultaneously edible and inedible due to a little bit of strangeness lurking underneath. Of course, some minutes later the strangeness proves itself to be the smoothest suede note there is, just as sumptuous and rich and satisfying as the plushest velvet unrolling under your fingertips. Tactile, sensual and perfectly balanced between the inherent animalistic touch leather has and the chicness of a couture creation. This stage is incredibly gorgeous, elegant and enveloping as if the fragrance is emanating from your very own pores. The dry down of Cuir Velours accentuates a bit some of the more masculine traits the perfume has, with tobacco being pushed gently to the fore and a hint of rum joining in. Cuir Velours is now drier and woodier but remains delectably appealing throughout. The very final stage keeps an ace up its sleeve and that’s a drop dead beautiful note of immortelle which is done impeccably well, with great delicacy and balance. One of the best we’ve ever smelled and a very refined rendition of the note. Immortelle smells like hay, tobacco, sunshine, maple syrup, Indian spices, smoky tea and skin. Here all the more difficult aspects are smoothed out and buffed to perfection, leaving only pure sensuality and elegance behind. Cuir Velours is the ideal fragrance for the well read, cultured and elegant individuals who are in the mood to showcase  the more playful, hedonic side of their personality whilst staying chic and sophisticated.

Wear it and everyone around you will be grateful for your good taste.

The spirit of Naomi Goodsir Parfums follows the lineage of traditional, independent perfume houses. Behind the scents is a passionate creator whose vision and atypical style inspire compositions that reflect her unique universe. The perfumes are formulated around classic emblematic raw materials of fine perfumery. They all have a distinct olfactory identity through facets and texture.

Beautiful compositions, noble and elegant. These eau de parfums reflect the madness and fantasy of the designer’s microcosm, creating a secret and personal touch. Attaching as much importance to savoir-faire as to inspiration, Naomi has surrounded herself with talented independent perfumers, including Julien Rasquinet, Bertrand Duchaufour and Isabelle Doyen. Naomi Goodsir Parfums are made and hand packed, on the French Riviera near Grasse, where Naomi lives and works.

Made in France. These unique, contemporary eau de parfum are genderless.


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