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Sparkling, floral cologne


Sparkling, floral cologne




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Calabrian Bergamot

Magnolia, Vetiver, Patchouli

Cedarwood, Tree Moss, Amber

Have you ever smelled a Magnolia Grandiflora in bloom? We have and it’s one of the best smelling things on Earth: lemony, sweet, unctuous, suave, fresh, intoxicating, sensual, you name it, Magnolia conjures both a sense of irrepressible vitality and odalisque style langour. This Frédéric Malle creation focuses on the energising side of the flower’smell, pairing citruses and vetiver with Magnolia and Jasmine into something that feels simultaneously clean and indulgent, like having a glass of dry, frothy champagne with lemon cream cake.

“Eau de Magnolia” is pretty linear from start to finish. Some nuances start to intensify, and some start fading throughout the perfume’s duration, but really, what you get at the beginning is pretty much the same picture you’ll get at the end: a beautiful, glorious Magnolia bloom and its magnificent fragrance in the warm air of an early summer.

Picture and pitch perfect, every delicate shade of soft green, custard yellow and creamy white rendered with harmony, balance and unforgettable, insouciant elegance.

Frédéric Malle introduced the Editions de Parfums in 2000, as a completely original concept whereby the world’s greatest noses composed exclusive, creative fragrances that would be sold under their creator’s names. In an era in which most companies attach more importance to brand names, by intensified marketing campaigns, Malle brings the attention back to the product itself: perfume. Through a simple “back to basics” ideology, the Editions de Parfums are challenging all prevailing trends.

The blend of Frédéric Malle’s ideals with the distinct personalities of each perfumer, and the total freedom provided to them by the Editions de Parfums, has created a brand with no defined house style. Its singularity comes from its striking heterogeneity, where each nose has expressed and unleashed his or her creative instinct to the fullest.


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