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Reimagined sophistication

Eau Noble

Reimagined sophistication


Eau Noble

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Rhubarb, Reseda, Blood Orange, Mastic

Indian Ginger, Sandalwood, Egyptian Geranium, Pine

Atlas Cedarwood, Patchouli, Cypress, Labdanum

In the early 70s, the world was changing, counter-culture was celebrated, perfume became more accessible. A breath of fresh air swept over France and into perfumery. Traditional formality made way for youthful energy, while outdated bourgeois ideas were overthrown by young students hungering for freedom.

Eau Noble embraces these two mindsets. The name itself showcases a prestigious heritage while the unisex fragrance heralds a bright future. A bold legacy.

In 1972, with the liberation of traditional values, attitudes changed and women borrowed Eau Noble from men, making it a fragrance to share freely between genders. Fifty years later, the perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, who has a close relationship to Le Galion, has designed a purer olfactory composition emphasising a woody, abstract dominant accord, with energising green notes and a subtle gourmet touch. In 2022, Eau Noble is back, as contemporary and mixed as ever.

Pierre Dinand, the designer of some of the finest bottles in perfumery, was called on by Nicolas Chabot, president of Le Galion, to reimagine the lines of the new Eau Noble. They then discovered that it was Pierre Dinand who had created the 1972 edition bottle for Paul Vacher! Touched, they decided to renew a collaboration that had begun 50 years earlier.

The new design is modern, refined and sleek, and remains true to the House’s iconic faceted glass, a signature since 1930.

The name of this beautiful brand, inspired by majestic seafaring vessels with their vast square sterns, evoked thoughts of freedom and escape. Some of the beautiful fragrances associated with the brand have stayed in our memories: Sortilège, Brumes, Snob… But this once glorious perfume house, Le Galion, had faded from our memory and consigned to the past.

Talented perfumer Paul Vacher became the owner of Le Galion in 1935, having bought the perfume house from its founder, Prince Murat. In 1936, his perfume Sortilège became an immediate success and remains one of the jewels of the house. In 1946 when Serge Heftler-Louiche and Christian Dior wanted to develop a fragrance for their fashion house, they naturally turned to Paul Vacher. He created a beautiful fragrance for them called simply, Miss Dior. The Le Galion Perfume House was now famous internationally and, by 1964, Sortilège, was being sold in 97 countries worldwide. In 1980, Le Galion was sold to an American group. Poorly managed, the company quickly collapsed. Gone with it was an image of France and of perfume, an image of elegance and quality.

More than 30 years later, like the phoenix, Le Galion Perfume House is reborn from the ashes. Back are the original, exceptional, fiery and subtle fragrances – rare luxury and refined creations.


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