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Bitter effervescence


Bitter effervescence




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Rhubarb, Grapefruit, Orange

Pink Pepper, Apple

Vetiver, Cedar, Amber, Musk

“Flashback” opens with a bitter, acidulated shot of grapefruit, quickly joined by tangy rhubarb and green apple. It has the same intensity of a déjà vu moment, the sudden jolt of recognition and that sense of shortcircuit in the time space continuum.

“Flash back” froths and hisses on the skin with incredible vivacity and crisp, citrussy sharpness. It’s alert and alive, all your senses connected to that peculiar present which in fact evokes the past. There are a lot of gourmand sensations contained in this fragrance, which is suited to the concept, as few things are better than taste to keep us mindful, but rather than focusing on sweet aspects, “Flashback” chooses the more electrifying alternatives of salty, savoury, tart, crunchy, spicy before finally warming up slightly with a touch of amber and musk.

Carpe diem and remember the past, that’s the multidimensional living lesson contained in “Flashback” by Olfactive Studio.

Olfactive Studio is an encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery; between the eye and the nose. This is the first time ever that perfumers have teamed up with photographers to draw inspiration from their oeuvres. They sense the images to capture their essence.

Photography and perfume capture the moment and rekindle the memory of past experiences. Imagining a sensorial, intimate, and poetic relationship between images and scents is to reconcile temporal spaces.

Elegant and unconventional modernity emanates from this wonderful alchemy. Olfactive Studio designs an exceptional olfactory world with a powerful and distinctive personality; a world of intuitions and emotions; a world designed for women, men, and all others. The perfumes are angels; they have no gender, but they have a soul.


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SKU: ae1a9460cec3
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