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Sweet, spring breeze

L’Air Des Alpes Suisses

Sweet, spring breeze



L’Air Des Alpes Suisses






Lily, Nutmeg, Pine


Tonka, Ambergris

From L’air du desert marocain to L’air des Alpes Suisses there’s a big jump both literally and metaphorically. We couldn’t talk about more different landscapes and thus we couldn’t talk about more different scented moods. But we’re also talking about Andy Tauer, one of the most renowned artisan perfumers, so we’ll take as many leaps of faith as needed in order to approach his work without preconceived ideas. And surprise, surprise L’air des Alpes Suisses smells in fact a lot like Zurich on a late spring day: the warm, golden, bucolic sensuality of linden trees in bloom, their scented waves rolling gently over medieval rooftops, caressing the shimmering surface of the city’s river, entering open windows and having their sweet way with people’s olfactive senses. We can guess the presence of the mountains somewhere in the distance from the hint of lavender and wild herbs floating on the breeze, but L’air des Alpes Suisses is so smooth and gentle that we cannot help but feel cocooned somewhere safe, cozy and soft with only the pretty side of nature edging the view. We wish you as many sunny, tender days to luxuriate in as this wonderful fragrance manages to encapsulate, and that’s an infinite number!

“You need absolute freedom to create beautiful fragrances. And you need time. And the best ingredients you can get. That is the true mystery how to create thrilling fragrances.

I never studied the art of perfume making in a school. I do not compromise when I deal with perfumes. I invite you to test my fragrant sculptures, luxurious and rich such as ROSE CHYPRÉE, or evocative such as my 5 star AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN, and you will believe. I am purely self taught, started my venture 12 years ago in Switzerland and sell my fragrances worldwide.

I am 100% independent and follow my taste and instinct. I consider perfumery as an artisan craft, and I want to stay connected to what I create.”

(Andy Tauer)


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