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VIRIDE 155.00

Lactonic and sweet


Lactonic and sweet



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Cedar, Sandalwood, Lactones, Carnation, Raspberry, Lily of the Valley, Vanilla

Seminalisis a stimulus in a fragrance bottle. A scent that contains bourgeonal, an aromatic aldehyde which helps a sperm to locate the ovum and start a new life. It acts as a chemo-attractant for human spermatozoa, which leads them to swim twice as fast. This watery reminiscent of a lily of the valley is the only known odour substance to which males have a higher average sensitivity than females. Practically speaking, the luck of life is about a ‘preparation meets opportunity’.

A smell that gives a birth to life and a good fortune may be something we make rather than get. Ultimately, what matters here the most is what we make of it.

This project is my garden I have planted, fertilized, cultivated, and harvested. Orto Parisi states that our body is experienced like a garden, and its smells are a true mirror of our soul.

The idea rooted from the fact that he, my grandfather Vincenzo, used buckets to collect both his needs that timely ended up fertilizing the garden. In his garden hovered an air of infinite.

This project I wanted to dedicate to him that partially has inspired me. First I thought of his biography, but while writing it I got bored, realizing I never read biographies myself.

So, hereby: To my grandfather Vincenzo Parisi and to those that seize the time in experiencing and diffusing the perfume of life.

The Nose,
Alessandro Gualtieri


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