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Caressing rose, saffron


Caressing rose, saffron




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Pink Pepper, Saffron

Ta’if Rose, Date

Broom, Amber

The precious rose oil used in this Ormonde Jayne fragrance hails from a town called Ta’if, 5000 ft above the Red Sea and overlooking the Arabic desert. The Damask roses grown there are famous all over the world for the rich, spicy, sweet attar obtained through steam distillation and “Ta’if” has it in spades.

“Ta’if” must be the softest lavish oriental rose ever created. It wears like a whisper, the warm breath of a lover or the touch of down feathers, yet it’s always there, like a second, sublime skin. Don’t be fooled by its tenderness though, it will enslave you quicker than a cracking whip. They put things in with the rose, as if this special and seductive essence wasn’t enough, things that will make your knees week and your heart beat faster. Things like the gentle bite of hot pepper, the leathery, sensuos, floral warmth of saffron, the luscious, sweet yielding flesh of the ripest dates and voluptuous white petals folded into honeyed amber. “Ta’if” is the rose from one thousand and one nights, a creature of dusk and dim lights, of indulgent parties and riches beyond imagination. A single drop of “Ta’if” will make you feel like you can take over the world or at least give free reign to your boldest dreams.

Ormonde Jayne stands for a return to the golden age of perfumery, an elegant era when fragrance creation was a fine art, when essential oils and absolutes were infused for a period of months before filtration and then allowed to mature again before bottling, resulting in a deeper, more complex perfume. Ormonde Jayne’s oils are compounded from finest ingredients available and matured in the classical style in its own London laboratory. By doing so, Ormonde Jayne’s creator Linda Pilkington upholds the fine art of exquisite perfumery whose principles she meticulously applied in every creation included in her fragrance collection.


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SKU: bb8bc0dec0db
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