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Irrepressible, vanilla vanity


Irrepressible, vanilla vanity




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Vanilla, Orange Blossom


Out of all the essences known to man, vanilla is without a doubt one of the most alluring and enticing, and it has been a steadfast ace-up-the-sleeve when it comes to the perfumer’s palette, its warm, sensual nature rounding beautifully any rough edges into a nuzzling elixir. It truly is impossible to resist: put vanilla into something, be that cake, ice cream or perfume and people will want to bite it, lick it and sniff it. Ever since the time of Aztecs vanilla was considered an aphrodisiac, and modern studies have confirmed its arousing properties, but there’s also a calming, stress relieving side to this sweet and exceedingly pleasing aroma.

Profvmvm Roma makes full use of the vanilla’s enormous attraction powers in its “Vanitas” fragrance, a truly indulgent gourmand centred around a beautiful Madagascar Vanilla absolute with accents of orange blossoms, myrrh and woods, just enough to emphasise the mouthwatering sweetness of exquisite vanilla and at the same time to give depth and extra layers of interest. This perfume is like a beautiful girl that knows she’s beautiful. She knows that there’s only a matter of time before you notice how wonderfully radiant and irresistible she is. Meanwhile all she needs to do is fluff up her soft, pale custard yellow petticoats, pucker up her sugar lips and wait. And she won’t be waiting long.

Directly from Rome we bring you PRO FUMUM ROMA – a family owned niche perfume brand that make their scent in oil base. The story begins with Celestino and Lucia Durante who after the Second World War decided to move from a small town called Sant’Elena Sannita to Rome. Coming from a family with a long artisan tradition, they used their skills to open a tiny storefront selling interesting fragrances, hand made soaps and other beauty products. From these humble beginnings the business grew into a chain of shops that quickly became a reference point for luxury personal care in the city.

The skill and craftmanship were passed on through the generations of the Durante family and in 1996 Celestino and Lucia’s grandchildren expanded the business by creating a line of exclusive fragrances. The PRO FUMUM ROMA scents are exquisitely crafted to evoke the emotions and memories of their beloved Italy. Inspiration has come from an eclectic mix of Italian motifs including stories of Rome, iconic vacation islands and even a delicious local pastry shop. The resultant scents though seductively layered, are wonderfullly simple at heart.


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