Scent Marketing

Brands that can connect with people on an emotional level resonate far more deeply with them.  Scent is all about emotion. We cannot see it, we cannot touch it, but there is perhaps no more powerful trigger of memory, mood or association.  Scent creates an impression that stays with us, haunts us, long after its last notes have vanished from our noses.

Parfumarija can bring this powerful emotional trigger to brand experience by creating a unique Signature Scent.  The Signature Scent will be crafted to bring emotional depth to the brand’s values.

Parfumarija is the official Irish agent of Air Aroma, a world leader in scent diffusion systems.  As such we can create immersive scent experiences through air-conditioning based diffusion systems or through standalone systems.

Whether for hotels, fitness clubs, food sales, retail, offices, waiting rooms or events, Parfumarija can bring a deeper, more emotionally resonant brand experience to your customers through the powerful medium of scent.

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