Maybe it was the first day of school, or maybe it was just as equally exciting day in your life. Your mom is kneeling and giving you last hug before you are taking off.

Meeting new friends. Going to a new adventure. Embracing new chapter.

She is wearing a soft jumper which you feel under your fingers and her hair and neck smell of vanilla & sweet almonds. The smell reminds you of the piece of almond cake you got as a treat that morning with your breakfast before your big day.

In your mind, she smells exactly like the cake.

Years later you are in Rome. You come to beautiful store on Via di Ripetta which is very inviting. You enter & start browsing some of the scents & all of a sudden you are back to that moment.
She is hugging you, the taste of the almond cake still in your mouth. Warm feelings enamour you & now you are not sure.

Did she smell of the cake that morning or she was perhaps wearing Confetto? – MARIJA


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