Good news at Parfumarija!

Baraonda by Nasomatto has won the Best Luxury Fragrance in the Social & Personal “Best Buys” awards.

In the Nasomatto lineup Baraonda occupies the uncomplicated, gentle, feel-good scent spot thanks to its appetising boozy berries compote, mellow spices and blanched woods mélange. Baraonda has a creamy, lactonic feel but altogether not very innocent due to the distinguishable whiskey streak and the not so clean woody musks cocktail in the base. It basically smells like a fruity Bailey atop warm, haven’t-showered-since-yesterday evening type of skin. This might sound like hippie fare to you but in fact the slighty dishevelled vibe only serves to enhance the fundamental coziness which characterises Baraonda. Perfect for a relaxing evening in front of the fire or anytime you want to feel cradled, comforted and caressed.

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